Month: December 2018



By Shobha Diwakar The week- long journey was nice and comfortable. The scattering clouds shading the sun which seemed to hop, skip and jump across the western sky slyly looking down upon the reddish hue of the departing day greeted  Shiva and his family warmly  towards the end of their […]



You saw that my face was always shining Did you notice that my eyes weren’t smiling Just pause to think, isn’t this facade of joy A little weird, amazing and beguiling You have often seen me taking a walk Even when streets have become a little dark Just pause to […]


Writers Have a Duty to Help Other Writers

By Mark Antony Rossi This one’s been sitting on my chest for quite some time. Unlike most people I practice exactly what I preach. Writers have a duty to help other writers. I always do in myriad ways. You should as well. As writers if you write about your crappy […]



मिले मुसाफिर अनेक हमें इस ज़िदगी की राह पर कुछ अपने, कुछ पराए- राही वो भी थे और हम भी लेकिन राह एक ही थी–‘ज़िदगी’ सोचा चलो अच्छा है नहि हैं हम अकेले हैं पथिक और भी मेरे साथ तो समभल जाऐगी ये ज़िदगी आसानी से कुछ बड़ो की छत्र-छाया […]