The Soul

The Armed Forces are the soul of a country

Peaceful existence without such brave hearts-

A mere wishful thought it would be!

To them we owe our tranquil life

A well defended country is ours for-

As a mountain they stand-

Guarding our dear Motherland

Caring neither for their life nor their own family

Their greatest dream is to shield

First and foremost the Provider, the Mother of all Mothers

The benefactor of opportunities, nourishment—

Our great loving Motherland and-

Safeguard its populace too without any inequity!

National Integration we too must aspire for

Evils like Casteism and creed

Reap no good but initiate-

Rampaging, bloodshed, outrageous behavior –

Smoldering National property!

With an encumbered economy –

Submerged in umpteen problems we land –

Into the thin air all peace is blown away-

A desolated meaningless life we will then lead!

We all are one-

Like it or not—‘Indians’ we are and will always be, so-

As faithful, sincere and loyal citizens-

Unanimously let’s oppose all wrong and evil doers

The Forces are doing their duty-

Let’s do ours too-

Egoistically we fight for our rights –

Incessant demands from our country we proclaim

But our Duty towards it we coolly forget!

Covetousness annihilates their conscience-

Who loot it by hook or by crook-

That seems to be the current trend of some-

Their honour and conscience-

In the fathomless sea of avarice lie buried!

What an irony it is-

The Forces despite facing severe hardships

Lay down their life on the altar of duty

For the love of their precious Motherland

While the privileged ones brazenly ransack and burgle it!

                                                         ~Anuradha .S. Bannore

                                                        Vadodara, India


  1. What a patriotic fervour so meaningfully revealed!
    Yes, our ARMED FORCES are doing remarkably well to safeguard our nation’s territories and its people, whereas EVIL FORCES dwelling within us come to the fore and seek to destabilize it!
    What an irony it’s?
    Your apathy for the country is well understood, and it’s for the VILLAINS to mend themselves to weave the nation blotless!

  2. Beautiful thoughts for our prestigious army who serve the nation dauntlesly without seeking rewards or raising a hue and cry for paltry benefits like our shameless politicians who grease n butter their bread on both sides to loot the nation and amass wealth in five years of their ‘ national love’
    We salute our soldiers who do not bicker and beg

  3. Thank you for your views & appreciation