Month: October 2018


MeToo and Us

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal It’s a moment of shock where we, as a society, have been jolted from a sleep by revelations of sexual perversions in circles of power and limelight. Politicians, actors, singers, people with good public standing have been revealed to be predators. True or not, the […]


Art First

By Mark Antony Rossi I’ve been tasked twice this year with material from writers who had to overcome painful circumstances. These situations put to test my philosophy of being a tougher editor than person. There needs to be a dramatic difference lest you permit well meaning scribes to emote feelings […]


Cry On His Shoulder

I  want  to  fill my  eyes  with  dreams For  that  I  need  a  little  bit  of  sleep But  sleep  eludes  me  perennially , The  anguish  in  my  heart  is  deep He  is  the  only  one  in  world  who Can  allay  my  pain  so  steep Dam  of  tears  is  going  to  […]



Mom-I am blessed to be mom, By profession I am a physician, According to Epic  Shrimad  Bhagvad  GITA, Kriya and karma are two sides of my  life, Which do not let me fall. After taking care of my family, And treating patients at my clinic-son ,  I used to   think […]


Morse Code Morose

Quiddity means the essence of a thing. Me? I don’t know a first thing about myself; Much less the essence… My conscious is a thought factory. My subconscious a born mystery. Who am I, if not my thoughts? Who am I, if not my dreams? What it means to be […]



 I keep finding this poem on the floor it tells of a different time of a person sure he was different from everybody else So sure he risked everything I am not sure I am the same person on that page but at least I still believe       […]


Assumption : Eternalness

Because, Life and Love Is a soulful Divine cosmic ART Of the civilized Promethean Light and F’I’RE ! And, Promethean Light And Fire re-naissanced Life and Love And understanding In a revolutionary Human or Demigod mode From raw food, From raw energy From raw Poetry, From raw Earth To cooked […]