Mom-I am blessed to be mom,

By profession I am a physician,

According to Epic  Shrimad  Bhagvad  GITA,

Kriya and karma are two sides of my  life,

Which do not let me fall.

After taking care of my family,

And treating patients at my clinic-son ,

 I used to   think I have done my duty well,

But this duty is kriya, I now know it well -son

Son-While performing kriya, bad decisions taken- mom

Sometimes, you must be ending  up  in tear mom

Mom-Yes! you are right my- son

But consequently,   I get inspired and perform  ,

Duty selflessly for benefit of others,

 These karmas makes  my life full of cheers,

And don’t let my life fall-my son

Son-Therefore as good physician you never regret  mom,

From kriya experiences you learn and never forget,

You perform karma,

which your soul persuade you-mom chakra of kriya and karma when Repeated,

Become driving force of your life,

And don’t let you fall in professional  and family life mom.

Mom -With gratitude toward God I walk very humbly,

With unshakable faith to my clinic my son, Angel,  family

son –like  you  at home,

Saint  like patients present at my clinic,

Makes me walk to path ,

of  real physician’s and mom’s life.

Make my faith stronger in almighty.

And save me from pit falls in life my son.

                                                               ~Sukarma Rani Thareja

                                                                   Kanpur, India

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  1. My all time favourite,Dr.Sukarma Thareja has written this excellent poem kriya &karma.Too good a poem worth reading.