For Promethean Rebellion


Gods don’t evolve.

Gods do incarnate

Like ‘I’,

The God Sunlight !

Earth, my beloved wife,

Don’t evolve.

Earth revolves around ‘I’,


There is no Time.

Time holds nothing.

Everything already sowed in mind.

In your mind of pandemonium or paradise.

Everything depends upon existence.

Evolved monkeycraps’

Existence is soulless mere-dust !

Divinely programmed planets’ and cells’

Existence is soulful star-dust !

Alpha and Omega are my living-words

To re-naissance and purify Cosmos, daily !

 For Promethean rebellion.

                                                                 ~Sanju Clement

                                                                  Kerala, India

One Comment

  1. Grand concepts. I loved the lines like, “Gods don’t evolve. Gods incarnate.” “Existence is soulful stardust” etc. Good writing Sanju Clement. Write more.