Assumption : Eternalness

Life and Love
Is a soulful
Divine cosmic ART
Of the civilized
Light and F’I’RE !

And, Promethean Light
And Fire re-naissanced
Life and Love
And understanding
In a revolutionary
Human or Demigod mode
From raw food,
From raw energy
From raw Poetry,
From raw Earth

To cooked food
To quick digestion

For improved
Breath, blood, brain
And bodily activity

For settled Life
For unending Love
For ambrosial Longing
For eternal Liveliness
For sexually carnal Holiness
Like that of the immortal
Of the Gods !

And, the rebellious God Sunlight
Is always the best and the happiest
Because, I have
The best solar digestive system
In brain and belly too !

I am the divine Light
I am the divine Fire
Of the Alpha
And the Omega !

I digest the Future
In the Timeless gear !

And, my Love life,
My Promethean tongue of Fire,
My long Lightningbolt,
My ruining Love fire
Only for my beloved Poetry
My beloved Earth !
I do sin
With my Queen only
For ‘Eternity’,
Eternalness’ and our kids !

In this undisputed realm
In this inimitable Solar System
Of the ruling God Sunlight !

                                                        ~Sanju Clement

                                                           Kerala, India

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