A Dream

Her home she had left far behind

Prodding ahead in search of her dreams

What they were /how she’ll know them for sure

No idea she had of it-

But to fulfill her dreams she was bent on!

Aimlessly she traversed from one unknown path to another

Searching impatiently for an answer from within

A bag full of dreams was all she had!

With the rising Sun she had set out-

Over her head it now shone brightly

But lost in her dream world

Absent mindedly she trudged along

When abruptly to her shock to reality she awakened-

The Sun was bidding good bye

The evening was conquering the day

Grayish clouds with ruddy streaks

Clad the otherwise clear sky

The Moon soon tip toed in-

With a few Stars twinkling gaily

Gazing mesmerized at the amazing sight-

Up popped her dream-

Blissfully she danced and sang-

Madly frolicking here and there

Thanking God, the Clouds, the Moon, the Stars—

The Trees draped in dark hues of night

The scary calls of nocturnal creatures

All so melodious soon became!

The obscurity of her Dream swiftly faded away with

The dawn of enlightenment within her

She now knew for sure-

Her dream was to go on an adventure-

Venturing on a quest, exploring, voyaging-

The land, the sea, the mountains even Space-

All bathed in abounding unblemished natural beauty-

A panorama of incredible magnificence, she mused

For us to feast on freely-

All showered as God’s blessings on Mankind.

                                                              ~Anuradha .S. Bannore

                                                            Vadodara. India

One Comment

  1. Refreshingly delightful creation by Ms Bannore . Exuberant and sensual, the poem has an evocative quality that gave me much pleasure !