Like a Desperate Fool

Like a desperate fool

I carried my desolate self

from place to place

in search for answers

and for queries that were a blur

engulfed in layers of misfortune haze

And in the quest

to atone for my ostensible life,

I took my soul on a journey towards the dark,

and before I could make any sense

I was caught

in a whirlwind of muddled atrocities

created by a miscreant heart

I remained surrounded by gray walls

patched with rough edges of obnoxious scars,

and I was left with no one

but my overthinking mind

For my escape was from me,

from my thoughts,

the hopelessness,

and no one else

                                                             ~Shantanu Baruah

                                                                       Somerset, New Jersey, USA


  1. No one would have described it better. So so amazing. ? It.

  2. Beautiful! Well penned dear!! ??

  3. For my escape was from me…..so true in today’s world where we are all sucked into the hazy quick sand and fail to choose the path of growth and enlightenment. Beautiful and profound Shantanu.

  4. Poignant thoughts, so deep. Each one of us have found ourselves in this whirlwind, only to realise how easy it was to let go.. beautiful thoughts!!

  5. Beautiful words!

  6. This is so beautiful. You did great!

  7. His writings are magnificent and also his word-play is of sheer class. I am always left speechless when I read his writings. His true diligence is out of this world.

  8. This is so great, Shantanu! :)

  9. Very well written!

  10. Shobhit Mehrotra

    Nice thoughts

  11. Beautiful! Freedom and bondage stem from our mind. :)

  12. Deep thoughts penned so beautifully ?

  13. Such a beautiful composition!

  14. Beautifully penned!❤

  15. Warren Richards

    A brilliant piece my friend! Sometimes we just can’t escape, our own thoughts!

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