Relationships die faster than

Leaves upon the trees

The bunch scatters rapidly

 When goodwill snaps the ties

 True, no one person matches the other

In views they do divide

 Unwanted thoughts scatter the vision

When clouds thicken the tide

Too many individuals soon grow tall

With independent views

That clash and collide

Like tidal waves upon the growling sea

No one sees eye to eye

The gap is far and wide

 Egos live on and divide

Until submerged by the tide

 The ‘I’ is strong the relationship puny

When ‘they’ decide to drive

Your wheels and hang you by ‘their’ side

Their will is strong they drag you by it

Mum is the answer you know

For if you resent, the gap tears wider

No strings remain to bind

The knots harsh grown

The feelings die untold

No ‘meds’ can heal the wounds gutted deep

Icicles hang … so…co..l..d.

 Some have the will to shoot and win

 The gun on another’s shoulders wide

 The trigger pulls the shot is shot

A lonesome way it goes

Somewhere lost in pain and bruises

Submerged too deep to hide

The split is driven torn unhealed

Bleeding, oozing to the core

 Silent tears roll down to hide

The broken wings it bore

                                                                    ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                        Jabalpur, India


  1. Too good

  2. What a beautiful way to describe Relationships! Yes it’s true it takes ages to develop good relationship but only a second to mar it with arrogance & ego.

  3. Ms Diwakar has beautifully described relationship.. it’s development & destruction. It takes ages to develop good relationship but only a few seconds to destroy it with the sword of arrogance and ego…the two biggest enemies of all relationship

  4. Nicely expressed!

  5. Thank u Ms.Kavita , ASB, &Ms. Chaitali, for your very apt comments
    in this modern world of nuclear families besides distances, relationships have become shadows of the past…. Apart from this increasing use of technological assets like mobiles and watts app, the nearness of correspondence through writing letters has completely vanished

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