Mona Lisa

Is this the face

That fascinated

A zillion senses ?

Thrilled a trillion
Thoughts ?

Baffled a billion

Brains ?
Mused a million minds ?

And a thousand times told

Lovelier and loveliest !

You are the ever cherished –

Season of ART,
The gift of Renaissance painting;
The very verve

Of priceless charm !

Serendipity was with you to be alive,
In such an age of rebirth and revival;
And you are matchless and peerless,

To be painted and scratched

By the amorously digging brush

Of venerable, veteran and versatile –

V ‘I’ N C ‘I’

Though you took years

To be on the energetic canvas;
Your enigmatic exposure is of merry ?
Or, melancholy ? . . Smiley ? Or, sadly ?
V ’I’ N C ’I’ only knows !

I always wonder

At the absence of brows and
Lashes on your flawless face

Was it a fashion of the time ?

Vinci forget to put ? Or, Time told him
To stop ?

Yet, you are stunningly immortal

And stirringly heart throbbing !

Many a time, I watched


Dreamt, many a time

I have been full

In passion and rebellion

Of your heavenly looks and existence,
And I longed to see your face

In the living girls of NOW.

I have eyes

White dead


Black dead

Always !


Now my beloved dead woman,

‘I’ painted timeless Poetry,

My girl of every centuries,

My darling Mona Lisa is reading this poem

From the wall of Louvre !

Yes, Renaissance melancholy
And despair dives from her face

Into my turbulent musks

And divine Cosmic Yogas

To mutually burn with ‘I’, forever,

For double Illumination,


‘Eternalness’ !

                                        ~ Sanju Clement

                                         Kerala, India

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    A nice poem on Mona Lisa!

    The very word ‘painting’ reminds one of Mona Lisa, the face coming before our mind’s eyes, bringing an element of wonder!
    The emotions reflected are at the same time many and varied, comtributing to the enigmatic nature of the exposure!
    That probably may be the reason why we are very much attracted to that ever tantalizing face!