Tuticorin Massacre: Jallianwala Bagh Revisited

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

Rarely in our modern times have we seen such cruelty being inflicted on innocent citizens as was wrought upon protesters in Tuticorin. The depths of immorality to which people in power can go to kill unarmed citizens in cold blood, to protect corporate interest, are simply harrowing for our society. This can happen anywhere, in any city and as citizens we should be outraged at this murder of fellow Indians.

Vedanta Group has often cropped up in news due to its legal entanglements for polluting the areas nearby its plants, violation of environment and labor norms and abuse of human rights. Just google them and see for yourself the things they are accused of. Just pray that their plant doesn’t open up in your neighborhood but what Police did in Tuticorin was outright slaughter. The attitude of Tamilnadu state government at this tragedy is one of shamelessness and un-repentance. It clearly shows that they won’t flinch in killing you, if you so much as to object to their clientele or their clientele’s misdeeds. This copper smelting plant in Tuticorin was pinpointed for pollution by courts, activists and local residents. The report by a channel reported that twenty five women had their uterus removed due to the pollution caused by Sterlite’s plant. Given such life threatening ailments affecting their life, do you think people don’t even have a right to voice their concerns?

The bigger concern here is the silence of Indian government. I am not talking about Tamilnadu government here; it’s the all mighty Indian government, ruler and protector of a sixth of world population, who stood silent at the murder of its own people. Why? Because state government is the ally of ruling party, I’d even condemn the politicians like congress president who in order to score political points will accuse anyone. Media has generally remain silent over this issue because showing the truth might stop the paycheck. Since when, corporate interests took over our national conscience?

It’s our misfortune that we let jallianwala bag repeat, our heads hang in shame and anger.


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