The Wolves!

By Anuradha S. Bannore

Once there lived three women Krurur, Kadul and Karmi in a city called Purja. Krurur  was a very cunning sly woman involved in offensive indecent dealings. Kadul  was a pretty faced  scheming crook and Karmi was a plump irritating drama queen type. Come to think of it all three of them were drama queens with sugar coated quinine tongue. Initially they were unaware about each other but then somehow because they worked at people’s house  in the same locality they got to know each other.

They became the best of friends. Each with a greater, crooked master mind than the other. They formed a team to swindle, cheat and rob people. They were involved in practicing black magic too which they tried on the members of the house where they worked. It  was a well organized team! Through black magic they managed to control some people who then became their slaves ready to do whatever they were told to. Life continued without any problems and they were able to amass a lot of stuff from their employer’s house without being suspected as all three of them were honey tongued  and showed how much they cared for them (their employer’s family),  going out of their way to help in difficult times by working overtime without ever demanding any extra money. That’s how very shrewdly they gained the trust and confidence of their employers.

No one knew that, that was their way of stealing not only money but household stuff, jewellery, grocery etc, etc too. They threatened the other ancillary staff if anyone caught them, saying they would harass them in a such a way that they wouldn’t even know what was happening to them and thus ultimately they would die a terrible death being hounded by evil spirits. So though they knew the reality they stayed mum about it for the fear of losing their life. A time came when all of them were employed in the same house. It was a golden period for them to rob and share the loot. Their  financial condition improved by leaps and bounds. They were getting regular pay plus whatever they stole from the house.  They were liars of the first order. They dressed  much better than before, had put on a lot of weight  too. Here they had the most excellent golden period of their life. What they didn’t realise was that they had reached the pinnacle beyond which there was a terribly steep drop!  It’s a known fact that whatever goes up comes down speedily if avarice isn’t curbed. As they were thriving  in their filthy work they mustered a lot of courage to lay their hands on much bigger stuff in which they did succeed to some extent but that brought their downfall.

A  daring maid, Shakti challenged them by telling the lady of the house about what all Krurur and Kadul were doing in their house besides stealing. She had found pouches of ash hidden all over the house. These were from a Tantric (one who practises Black Magic). They were shocked and they tried to get Shakti  beaten up by some men who were in the power of Kadul  but God saved her from these wolves. Since then these scheming women especially Krurur and Kadul have been on the look out for a chance of getting Shakti  imprisoned on false accusations but so far have been unsuccessful. In fact their locality people on hearing about what all dirty work these two women are involved in have never left an opportunity of beating them up like hell and getting them arrested but they are very lucky because of ‘godfathers’ and many other reasons probably, hence were left scot free after some questioning.

They are neither scared of  anything nor anybody and that’s the reason why even today they are able to successfully carry on their filthy deceitful work inspite of everything  being against them. They are confident that even if they are arrested they wont be imprisoned for more than a day or two.The innocent people are their victims who suffer for no rhyme or reason while the real offenders lead a carefree life. These wolves are always on a look out for innocent preys! Such sugar coated sweet tongued wolves are freely roaming all over the world in the guise of men/women. No one is safe today irrespective of who or what you are. Innocent unwary people get trapped and clutched with a firm grip and their life is sucked out through defamation, extortion or by being rendered into a puppet through black magic. Everyone believes there is a God whose watching everyone’s deeds and He in His own mysterious ways will definitely punish such people sooner or later but what about the ones suffering today because of such devious, malicious people?

About the Author: Anuradha S. Bannore is a prolific writer and an alumni of Jabalpur University with M.A in English. She retired as a teacher and currently lives in Vadodara India. 


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