Become the unseen existence

My friend; my beautiful habit.

Embrace the moments and find your way

The nights undiminished-

For you my glowing attribute.

Join the vast divinity of bewildered eyes

And cry your tears with barbed conquering

Feel the thunder of murmured tongues-

Then pick the reality that keeps you high.

Choose the ancient way – the smoking spirit.

To walk the barefoot path of a continuous forest.

Enter the doors without hurried words,

Steal its features of blissful whispers.

It’s here my friend: my beautiful habit.

Where oblivion has come to die

And the appearance of the moon

Can change a man’s merit.

Join me – stay with me.

Forever we can be together.

Among the many unexpected visions

We can find our way,

A brilliance in

In a particular world.

                                                            ~Ferris Jones

                                                                         Puyallup, Washington, USA

One Comment

  1. Loved the flow of the words and the underlying emotion.Ver well penned.