Month: April 2018


आखिर कब तक

कब तक ,आखिर कब तक , मूक विवशता को ढाल बनाएंगे | कब तक ,आखिर कब तक , बिफ़रते मन को बहलायेंगे | कब तक ,आखिर कब तक , वक्त के हाथो  हताश होते रहेंगे | कब तक ,आखिर कब तक , चीत्कार को अनसुना करेंगे | कब तक ,आखिर […]


A Drifting Boat

I  look  beyond  horizon, and Wonder  what  is  behind  it In  search  of  whom  the  sun Goes  down  in  order  to  find  it He  comes  out  in  the  morning Smiling,   bright  and   gleeful Like  one  after  spending   night with The  beloved  looking   beautiful I  sail   on  undulating    waves, Feeling   depressed  […]


Double Standards

By Shobha Diwakar    Basanti, I’ll call her by that name, hailed from a very, very modest middle class family. Her father was by no means a hard working man yet, pulled along his family by whatever he earned out of his political associations. Many a times he had also been locked […]


Treatment Center Triage

By Mark Antony Rossi The drug epidemic in America has not abated with select legalization of THC (marijuana) in certain areas of the country. Selective legalization is not a noble social development but rather a crass revenue enhancement by the state governments. For every glaucoma sufferer there are ten thousand […]


O Infinite one, Bound within Boundaries

Translation of Tagore’s ‘Simar majhe Osim tumi’ (O Infinite one, Bound within Boundaries) from Gitabitan ~ O Infinite one, you play your own tunes, bound within boundaries. That is why Your presence in me is so enchanting. O Formless, in music and in rhyme, in fragrance and in colors, in […]


Isthmus of Life

conceive     brook ceased babbling                     wild breeze stopped flowing                      birds fogot at dawn chirping                      bourgeon shying blooming believe      […]



That dazzling hummingbird slowly buzzing and flapping its wings a thousand time in a blink of an eye staying suspended in the air defying the laws of nature to get just the drop of that elixer that nectar which will justify its existence gives meaning to its flight of beauty that […]