The Perfect World

A road what seemed like a feeling to home was left unexplored

Was this the road to ultimate abode of satisfaction, hope and better world of compassion, kindness?

Or was it another way of world showing how messed up this world is?

I once knew a man whom I used to talk

But in the end was he even real because all I could feel was a perfect illusion

Of perfection, hope, kindness, maturity

But we all know that there is no person like that

Maybe I was hallucinating a world

Where people are done being human

And taking a step forward to being humane

Developing the kind of compassion this world needs in order to exist

Was it my longing that led me to the hallucination of what people might call the perfect world

All I could remember was a man protecting the woman from being sexually assaulted at around 2 AM

But we all know this is either a dream or a parallel universe,

These acts of bravery and kindness doesn’t exist at least in this world

In a world where people are all about calling names to others, judging people, forcing themselves on people,

These things can’t possibly happen

I may have had these visions because of my search for a home which was never mine in the first place

But was it really the case?

I began to wonder if all these questions of suspicions, this world with perfect people and perfect acts of kindness would have been answered

Had I taken that road

But in the end let’s face it, it was the road not taken

                                                                  ~Atishay Sethi 

                                                                    New Delhi, India

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    Can this world be perfect?
    Sounds an utopian dream!
    It doesn’t mean we are licensed to have our way detrimental to others!
    Wherever possible, we can try to be at our best and make amends for the mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly!
    Occasional good deeds are for sure the way to make this world near-perfect!
    But none to interrupt one who’s determined to be totally perfect!
    To that extent at least the world will see less of imperfection!