Month: March 2018


Time for Talking

By Mark Antony Rossi I read a lecture by Aldous Huxley that briefly touched upon the human ability of speaking and how it radically changed the brain and likely the fate of the planet. The genesis of human communication was the impetus for homo sapien civilization. Through the gift of […]


Voices of Men

At many times and various places Have I heard the song of birds I listened carefully but birds voices are thin, so thin. The goats bleat, it bleeds of help I listened carefully but not appealing The dog barks, barks inquisitively I listened carefully but just what man best friend […]


Finding Me Again – Part – 1

By Sreya Sarkar Trisha pottered around the kitchen speaking into her cell. “You won’t believe how much we enjoyed Vegas. We went to Grand Canyon for a day from there. Ashok took the mule ride all the way down to the Canyon bed. e He To tell you the truth, […]


Grey Clouds

By Shobha Diwakar The night was dark, the night was grey; no stars shone, the moon went astray. The overhanging clouds lost their way somewhere up in the sky, their silver- lining disappearing from human eye. Somewhere the owl hooted, little birdies snuggling in their nests gave a wee cry […]


The Most Beautiful Poem

The cuisine I had yesterday Looked absolutely normal, I wasn’t impressed by its appearance. But I was on cloud nine When I tasted it and The smell was savoury too. Sometimes the most beautiful poem Might look normal The words used may not Sound lovely and wonderful. But after tasting […]


BJP’s By Poll Defeat: Reasons & Consequences

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal There are number of reasons for defeat in elections but when you loose your own stronghold to the other side, it’s especially humiliating. Something similar happened to BJP in by elections at Phoolpur and Gorakhpur but there were several seen and unseen reasons that led […]


Loving You

I  do  not  need  seclusion, To  think  of  you  any  time Even  in  most  clamorous  crowd You  are  there  in  my  mind Our  first  tryst  was  by  chance, You  have, promptly  made  an advance You  were  looking  like  winsome  Adonis And  I  went  into  a  trance You  had  many  charming  […]


All Your Dreams

All your dreams are shining in your eyes. All your dreams pound with your heart. All your dreams are coming from the light and hum the tune of love. A sweet moment later I will knock at your door. The light will be golden when you open the door. From […]