Titanic Sweeping the Ides of the Mountains

Titanic-living breezes blow into the loon-tide ship vessel

bringing a vessel of neon blue to the ripping wind to skeletons of Ice


Mountains of molded clay melt before a storm of hail and lightning, ushering in molded glass-bottle canvases of

Rembrandt-esque heights


Primal urges of dust and saddle packing horses swim to the eyes of complacency and change their view to the sea of change


Molten lava traces the outlines of Pandora’s nexus in a vesicle of Roman tridents which sing with the chorus of Horatio


Molten-creation manifests hypnotic-sense fascination

in an awareness of heightened parakeet fashion

                                                    ~Adam Levon Brown 

                                                      Eugene, Oregon, United States

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