Month: February 2018



Most bewitching feature in the sky occurs When a shining ring surrounds the moon It happens when the nimbus clouds float around It and spray their moisture like a boon Same phenomenon happens during sun- eclipse We behold a glittering aureole When the sun vanishes and the light dims Still […]


The Ordeal of a Journey by Train

By Anuradha S. Bannore Shridharan Rao with his wife, Punam was travelling by train to his hometown Kule. Both of them were very excited as they were going there after quite a few years. They lived in Bykur, a very remote place where Shridharan had started a cottage industry. Here […]


How Far Jerusalem

By Mark Antony Rossi Any student of history will recognize a vicious rumor morphs into a witch hunt. How does the human condition allow such baseless nonsense to flourish? One method is to bestow credence on generalizations about people until a rationalization is formed and prevents the full truth from […]


The Fault In Our Processes

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal People make mistakes, organizations make mistakes, governments make mistakes but they at least try to not repeat them. The fraud and subsequent absconding of another defaulter like Mallya has casted a shadow on the clean image of Modi government. Several of our country’s big banking […]


A Ballad of a Soldier

Having read otherworldly books A soldier was begirded by sudden whim Who he was and from where he came. He wanted someone to explain that to him. His curiosity chose divine  path Day by day fervour augmented But worldly soul got no impetus. His sole purpose was soul be oriented. […]


The Retreat

Fed up of this terrorist world And those who blindly followed the trail That led nowhere unlike the waves That followed and rolled into one This desolate man depressed to the core Ignorant of what lay ahead Comes seeking for solitude and peace To the solitary confines of this river […]



One day I’ll be ready for you Bathed in the moonlight fragrant by lilies sweetened by the nectar hidden by the bees I’ll ready for you I will wash all my scars and sin and scrape all the marks of the sin, I’m bearing will scrub all the pain angst […]