You are clipping

my wings

to suit your needs;

you are breaking

my bones

to fit me inside a

cookie cutter;

caulking and

smoothing my

rough opinions

just so you please;

tightening the strings

to make this puppet dance

to your tune wildly;

You are bending

my will

and twisting

my emotions to

suit your needs;

you are choking

my dreams

so you can save

some air for

your luxury;

my bones are brittle

but I have an iron will;

you can bend me

but can’t break me

from within;

like molten lava

I melt

but I have the strength

of mountains

hidden in me;

I give birth

to new lands

and can melt

your sorry


in a blink of an eye

you see.

                                         ~Megha Sood

                                           Jersey City, USA


  1. It’s a very beautiful poem!

  2. It a simple, beautiful poem.

  3. Thanks for the kind words

  4. Let us be blessed with the power of the LAVA to destroy all the negative attributes lying dormant within us, and facilitate a life founded on positive aspects!