Month: January 2018


Assumption: Daredevil

Achilles, the Hero of heroes, Was born in Homer’s inner eye. Grew, fought, won and famed! Robbed of by the arrows of time. But, still lives beating the time. A daring dimension Survived Time, darkness, hatred Epic and hubris. Nay! Changing forms of that great– Hunter, trembled before Achilles. And […]


Augustus Blues

Augustus was the man who finally brought to an end all the conquest all the war and all the hate. He was truly conscious and did what he could see and said: „Not one empire or one state or any group of world-division is the truth of our common living. […]


Letting Go

I opened my treasure chest Containing old memories Some dried  up flowers Several scented letters And scribbled notes in diaries The proof of betrayal The sense of pain A surge of anguish Rushed all over me again The box was full of miseries I burnt all your letters and Threw, […]



For You Dear Papa (Death Anniversary, 25th. Jan.) Stealthily he grew old Everyone does But He was … our papa Always going in and out Always working Always a guide When did he grow old? When did time fly off? And… one day He lay shattered Unable to walk Unable […]


A Village Belle

A beautiful muslin red bordered mustard scarf Hooded her black braided hair and- Veiled her chubby, rosy cheeks A lovely bluish green blouse with- A flared floral ghagra (long skirt) she wore Black beads cascaded down her chest A dazzling stone studded ring on her finger – White bangles around […]


आज कलमकार मरा है

आज शहर शांत है , क्योंकि वो मौन है , उसके मौन होते ही , शहर चोककनी हो जाती है । उसे पता है , जब वो मौन होता है , तो कितनों की कलाई,  खुलने से बच जाती है , आज शहर शांत है। क्योंकि किसी की आज कोई […]


Project Uddalaka Update: The Interaction

Dear Readers, Since the last announcement about Project Uddalaka, Yesterday, Jan 20, 2018 was the day when we set our foot in the path of giving shape to this idea by interacting with students and teachers of R.K.V.M (Ram Krishna Vidya Mandir) Gwalior, this interaction was an eye opener in […]


What is Friendship

By Mark Antony Rossi What is friendship in the modern era but a bond stronger than family and more true than any political or religious affiliation.  I realize that my definition seems out of place. Perhaps Webster’s Dictionary will protest my candid description. I’ve survived longer by using dictionaries as […]