Mythical Fire

It’s all fire, fire staying in the form of a flaming eye

Fire doing its love-making in open lights; burning you & me, burning them

Love me fire, make a good ash of me above truths & myths,

Above patriarchies, where you originate in male foreheads

Fire, see what happens when you get attached; I’ve seen molten tears

I’ve felt temperatures, is it love, the shiver; it shakes all, ejaculating remote lava

Fire, my immense daring, I step in a dark & fumed pit of post-apocalypse

Her third eye, more real; when she’s melted & decides to burn

Fire, you’re a created shit, as modern as letting go , as modern as birth

Fire, you’re the bomb she drops from her armored womb

Rainbows, a deadly tool for victims; cruel deeds of fire in open sky

Opting for no better weapon of love than a deadly bow

See, in today’s world, romance resides in calling a burning eye, beautiful

Evenings after it’s all ash, night arrives with a remembrance; fire, is it darker.

                                                                                     ~Daipayan Nair

                                                                                       Silchar, Assam

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