I had  a  dream – a nightmare

That  the sky was falling  on us

While  we  were  not  aware

Of  what we were going to share

Then  happened  a  miracle

Trees  raised  their  arms

Held  the  heaven  in  place

And, saved the earth from harm

The  reverie  is  symbolic

Of  realistic  situation

There  is  a global  danger to

Our  much  needed vegetation

The  most  beautiful  children

Of  Nature  are  the  trees

The life giving oxygen they make

And spread through the breeze

They  make the rain when Earth is parched

Give cool shade when Sun is  harsh

Forgiving, they  give  us sweet  fruits, even

When  with  stones  they  are thrashed

They  are  eternal  joy  forever

A  thing  of  glorious  beauty

The  only  element  on  this  Earth

Is  a  dense  shadowy  tree

                                               ~Sudha Dixit

                                                   Bangalore, India

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