Mahakavi Bharathi on “Clarity”!

By N. V. Subbaraman, Chennai

Here is a beautiful poem by Mahakavi Subhramaniya Bharathiyar, one of the greatest national, patriotic poets from Tamilnadu , who lived in the early part of twentieth century. This poem deals with the importance of CLARITY required for success in life. As usual his poem original in Tamil, its English transliteration and translation with comment are given hereunder.

Original in Tamil


எல்லா மாகிக் கலந்து நிறைந்தபின்

            ஏழைமை யுண்டோடா ? மனமே!

பொல்லாப் புழுவினைக் கொல்ல நினத்தபின்

            புத்தி மயக்க முண்டோ?       (1)

உள்ள தெலாமோர் உயிரென்று தேர்ந்தபின்

            உள்ளங் குலைவதுண்டோ – மனமே!

வெள்ள மெனப்பொழி தண்ணரு ளாழ்ந்தபின்

            வேதனை யுண்டோ டா?     (2)

சித்தி னியல்பு மதன்பெருஞ் சக்தியின்

            செய்கையுந் தேர்ந்து விட்டால் – மனமே

எத்தனை கோடி இடர்வந்து சூழினும்

            எண்ணஞ் சிரிது முண்டோ?       (3)

செய்க செயல்கள் சிவத்திடை நின்றெனத்

            தேவ னுரைத் தனனே – மனமே

பொய்கருதாம லதன்வழி நிற்பவர்

            பூதல மஞ்சுவரோ?       (4)

ஆன்ம வொளிக்கடல் மூழ்கித் திளைப்பவர்க்

            கச்ச முண்டோடா ? – மனமே

தேன்மடை யிங்கு திறந்தது கண்டு

            தேக்கித் திரிவமடா!         (5)




Ellaa maakik kalandhu niraindhapin

          Aezhimai  yuNdoadaa? Manamae!

Pollaap puzhuvinaik kola ninaiththapin

          Budhdhi mayakka muNdoa?   (1)

ULLa dhelaamoar uyirenru thaerndhapin

          ULLang kulaivadhuNdoa – manamae

VeLLa menappozhi thaNNaru Laazhndhapin

          Vaedhanai yuNdoa daa ?      (2)

Ciththi niyalbu madhanperunj sakthiyin

          Seykaiyun thaerndhu vittaal – manamae

Eththanai koadi idarvandhu soozhinum

          ENNanj siridhumuNdoa?     (3)

Seyga seyalgaL sivaththidai ninrenath

          Dhaeva nuraith thananae – manamae

Poykarudhaama ladhanvazhi nirpavar

          Poodhala manjuvaroa?     (4)

Aanma voLikkadal  moozhkith thiLaippavark

          Kachcha muNdoadaa? – manamae

Thaenmadai yingu thrandhadhu kaNdu

          Thaekkith thirivamadaa!       (5)




After everything is merged and stand

          Where is poverty? – Oh mind!

Having decided to kill the harmful insect

Where is confusion?   (1)

Having realized all the beings are one life

          Heart not to be agitated – Oh mind!

Having your grace flowed like flood

          Is there any worry at all?    (2)

Nature of the chith and its great Mother Shakthi

          Actions have fused  – Oh mind

Even if crores of hurdles confluence

          Mind gets not humiliated!     (3)

“Do thy duty and actions in the midst of Shiva”

          Ordained God Almighty- Oh, mind

Never indulging in untruth and stand

          Will they be afraid of the earth?     (4)

Those who are enjoying bliss of the soul

          Have nothing to be ashamed-Oh, mind!

Seeing the doors of the honey dam opened

          We shall keep it safe!      (5)


Once we are clear in our mind about Divinity, its grace and the great power of the Creator, there is no need for any worries in our lives.




  1. Ramamurthi thupakula

    The word telivu and the telugu word telivi seems to be same. Bharatiar well presented the need to be clear in our thinking which is the best solution to material and spiritual advancement. We further await comment in this regard from nvsr sir.

  2. Bharathiar’s poem on “CLARITY” is very much interesting to read. I thank you Sir for having presented his poem with a great of thought. I have the opportunity to read his “beautiful Tamil Kavitha” along with your translated version.

    Your translation “HONEY DAM OPENED” has opened our eyes and mind to see the things clearly and to hear the things clearly.

    Thank you Sir.

  3. Here is a comment received from one Shri G. Vasudevan from Canada for the kind information of our esteemed readers:
    Dear Poet Sir,

    I have the opportunity to read Maha Kavi’s poem on ‘CLARITY” along with your translation. I don’t know how I have spent all of my life time without reading of ‘MASTER PIECES” of Maha Kavi. You have brought out clarity in my mind to know the hidden treasures of Maha Kavi’s poem.

    Your translation ‘ HONEY DAM OPENED” has opened our eyes and mind to see the things and to hear the things with clarity.
    A nice tasty translation. I could digest your sweet thoughts and they entered into my blood stream.

  4. Thelivu (Clarity) is explained with clarity. Good work by NVS.

    Ravi Ranganathan

  5. ஆன்ம ஒளி… ்்
    மிகப் பெரிய சக்தி

  6. ஆன்ம ஒளி… ்்
    மிகப் பெரிய சக்தி