A tiny flame, burning inside my core,

Kept me radiant and alive

And when my world was dark and sore

Its warmth and glow helped me survive

The trauma and the injuries I suffered

Added more spark to my flickering flame

Instead of dying down it preferred

To  take the test head on and play the mind game

Its  bewitching beauty grew along with time,

Filled my heart with courage and desire

Burst out in a song full of lyrical rhyme

 And danced with gay abundon like a flyer

The tiny blaze evolved, got enlarged a bit abnormally

To the extent it became an all consummate  fire

Engulfed me with lashing  tongues, so, finally

To put an end to my mortal entity, became my funeral pyre

                                                              ~Sudha Dixit 

                                                              Bangalore, India

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