Month: August 2017


Between Happiness and Freedom

“Oh Gangu! Our body is 70% water and so is the earth. So, be generous with water. The slab needs it”, said the contractor with an unnecessary smile. Why then there wasn’t enough for the land we called ours The land that we tilled with hopes of emerald crops That […]


Mahakavi Bharathiyar “We Know No Duty”

By N. V Subbaraman from Chennai Here is a  beautiful poem by Mahakavi Subhramaniya Bharathiyar, one of the greatest national, patriotic poets from Tamilnadu , who lived in the early part of twentieth century. This poem deals with the knowledge of our duty to perform. As usual his poem original […]


Bad Day Blues

By Mark Antony Rossi What are your viable options when having a bad day? Some take a deep breath and say a small prayer. Some bury their head in a dark beer in a darker bar. Some rant and rave to strangers on Facebook. I’ve done all three and a […]



The  pessimist  in  my  core, always Rued  the  fate  of  night Who  could  never  be  with  her  beau She  croons  without  delight The  Day, on  the  other  hand, wanders  on Scaling  the  vast  sky His  dream  to  love, may  be  unfulfilled Still,  he  does  not  cry But  the  optimist, that  […]


The Zamindar’s Footprint

By Raamesh Gowri Raghavan When Bade Zamindar Babu died, it was a major celebration in the village of Kamahi. The Zamindar was not an evil man who tormented the poor villagers, but when a rich Hindu dies, the number of funeral rites performed makes it no less than a festival […]


On Independence

We will be celebrating our 71st Independence this year A lot of fuss over it will be made A medley of programmes, Great lectures on our accomplishments will- Boldly be publicized on air But have we really achieved genuine freedom? At first we were slaves to foreign rule And today […]