Like a moth to the flame,

I am drawn to you.

Your brilliance lures me in

with intoxicating appeal.

I am the bird that flies into your window,

lying dazed at your feet,

waiting to be gently lifted in your hands,

and held to your heart.

You look deep into my eyes,

as I melt under your charm.

Your healing touch warms my heart,

and gives new life to me.

No longer a moth,

I am now a butterfly.

Life is now a beautiful blossom,

all because of you.

               ~Christine Tabaka

               Hockessin, DE


  1. Like Cyrano, you find the words that we cannot. A beautiful love poem Chris.

  2. What genuinely attracts you is a thing of beauty!
    The fragrance you spread by suitably reciprocating it justifies the true import that LOVE conveys!
    Giving and taking in equal proportions does the magic of undisturbed togetherness to eternity!
    It’s never ever meant a journey to the dead end!

  3. Thank you so much Rita!

  4. Thank you so much O K R.