Long Live Routine!

awake oh my god late!

shit brush bathe press run

dress polish pack zip run

traffic choke smoke arrive swipe

stairs fix chair to buttock

stare eye to computer

type type type type type

loo break

type type type type type


type type lunch type type

type type night type type

deep sigh shut off swipe

roar bike, reach home, TV

click click click click click

lord of the remote

eat piss sleep lust

awake oh my god late!

the wise have said

to live in moderation

and to revel is life

rest type type type

                   ~Snehith Kumbla

                     Pune, India


  1. not a pleasant poem to read
    some privacy about personal ‘etiquette’ is necessary
    every living species follows this routine
    you don’t have to explain as though you are doing anything different of which others are not aware

  2. Thanks for the feedback Shobha.

    It’s not meant to be a pleasant poem. It’s meant to sting you as a reader. As humans, we should be looking beyond routine. We are the only species capable of this ‘beyond routine’ revolution. What we are doing is ‘not anything different’ is the siren wail of this poem.