A Daunty Star

She was carved like a phoenix

from the roots of feminity to the valour like masculinity

Beneath her million skin folds,

 a language of sublime love disguised

Beneath her dark-skinned palm,

a hope for white coloured souls persisted.

In her dulcet mind, she carried fire unflinching,

She, a colossal corona of thriving love

in the eyes of masked people

Like fluttering yellow pages, stained, torn

yet invincible

                                                                   ~Devika Mathur

                                                                      Lucknow, India


  1. Beautiful thoughts….amazing poetry…

  2. Beautiful poem and well penned down !!

  3. Nice poem and the words using by auther are really amazing which increase the quality of this poem .

  4. Well thought out and beautifully said!

  5. Well written!!!