The Chanakya Niti of “Nitish Kumar”

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

Nitish Kumar aptly fits the term “The cunning fox”, its relevant not only because of his cunningness but also because a fox has many entrances to its hole and Nitish Kumar surely knows his way to the power.

Kumar is also smart in the way that he clearly saw the writing on the wall, in 2019 there is no chance whatsoever against PM Modi, so he knows he has no statistical probability becoming even a PM candidate of an opposition which is destined to loose in this political Mahabharata.  Now coming at some other factors that contributed to this fallout, Congress like everything else it does, mishandled this Maha-gathbandhan. Nitish Kumar’s constant pleas to the Congress high command on Tejasvi Yadav’s resignation fell on deaf ears. Congress relied on Rahul and Sonia Gandhi’s “influence” on Yadavs to reign in the chaos but I hardly believe anyone take Gandhis seriously these days but the most pressing factors were the chutzpah of RJD and it’s ruling family. Right from day one they have been flaunting their numbers in assembly at Nitish face.

Dirt or shit, any and every state asset that can be looted to fill pockets of Lalu & family was done with impunity. In fact there is a saying; RJD is Lalu, Lalu is RJD so just like any other heirloom the command of the party stays in family, you might have seen this pattern before in the likes of Congress, SP, BSP, Shiv Sena and many more.  Yadav’s wanted and for all intent and purposes reduced Kumar to a puppet, Kumar was looking for an easy way out and Lalu handed him that on a silver platter. Thanks to putramoha of Lalu, Nitish got the door he was looking for and whole 20 months charade came crashing down within hours.

Nitish has his Chief Ministership for now but with RJD looming like a jilted lover left with nothing, it won’t be easy for Kumar to rule the heaven in coming days. Whether by politics or means of not so political nature, Yadav and family will try their best to make things difficult for Sushasan Babu (Mr. Good Administration). Another political test for kumar will be the election for vice president where he has already committed his support to Gopal Krishna Gandhi. Even in new alliance it should not be taken for granted that BJP will bury the hatchet with JDU, old wounds may resurface and Nitish has to play this very safe because if things turn sour he may run out of boats to jump in.

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