the river runs frothing at mouths with meaningless timbre,

replete with expletives roving down its spine.

holding on to warnings bequeathed in hesitance,

Flash floods in the mind. Rubbing off

Levantine hues of disgruntled hold all-emoticons

carving perfect breasts-yours-in the sand.

drying slivers of runny aches in never ending ebb look up -there’s a couple whose highlight would be 35 years of bend.

Broken towels, dirty twigs, wretched ablutions,

highway jinks.

brushing past want under burnt out bridges,

we try. we try. bunding our love; damming the hate.

                                                                                     ~Rony Nair

                                                                                        Dubai, UAE


  1. awesome year.. let the god bless you to express more and more. take care dude

  2. A well thought out sequence conveyed beautifully only as a poet can. Little easier than before to take a peek into your mind set…therefore more enjoyable. .