The Illusion AAP is Living in

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

Merriam Webster dictionary define Hypocrisy as “a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not:  behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel.” From what’s going on these days they could have easily replaced the word Hypocrisy with Arvind Kejriwal. For years this man has feigned to be above everyone else, a demigod worshipped by his party followers, Kejriwal the honest, Kejriwal the humble, Kejriwal the incorruptible. But as the saying goes, all politicians are honest until proven otherwise and for Delhi Chief Minister there are some very serious questions that need explanation.

Kapil Mishra may or may not be clean, he could be out of the party because he hangs out with Kumar Vishwas or may be because he rubbed the party bosses the wrong way or something else but one thing is for sure that Mishra has some pretty serious evidence against Kejriwal, his family members and his ministers. The allegations of favors bestowed on Renu Constructions, the firm of Kejriwal’s brother in law are very disturbing. Land deals of crores in exchange of trivial sums indicate the corruption that has seeped into this party.

And the extent of shame is such that in order to divert attention from these issues they are trying throw dirt at EVM. Calling in special sessions in state assembly and demonstrating a moonshined EVM just so that people may forget about the actual issue of corruption.  Some of you may remember the fact that Delhi CM use to point fingers at everyone without any document proof or evidence. Now he is tasting his own medicine but this time there are paper trail, the evidence and testimonies that insinuate the abuse of power. Satyendra Jain, a minister in Delhi government and part of the Kejriwal inner circle has been named in dozen of questionable dealings and corruption cases but surprisingly enough, he is yet to be sacked. A lot of other shady characters who are not even in government have enjoyed vacation in foreign countries with either tax payers money or funds from sources they don’t have any explanation off.

The message that was disseminated at the beginning of AAP’s rule that Delhi will be the best in the country, water fill flow freely and electric bills will not give shocks was talk, simple talk nothing else. As soon as the power and position came all humility went up in the air and we have a government that’s doing all the tricks and shenanigans to fool its way out of trouble. I thought MCD and state elections will bring them out of slumber but it seems that they have themselves choose to be in a coma. Sooner or later, chickens will come home to roost. As Anna Hazare aptly said, the word and the deed doesn’t match.

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    When it comes to politics, sooner or later, everything turns out to be fishy,and what the politicians promise and proclaim utterly lack substance, and prove that all of them are the same and sailing in the same boat,throwing their slogans for the common man to the force of the stormy winds,and proving themselves unfit to deliver the goods!