The Diamonds!

Army, Navy, Air force, the diamonds of a country Face unparalleled austerities of life.

Altruistically they stand like a colossal wall Guarding and defending their country

Caring neither for their life nor – Their beloved family Gallantly they fight for their Motherland!

For our comfort they lay down their life

Or get mutilated in doing so

But are we doing anything for their massive sacrifice?

It seems nothing!

Heedless of the sufferings of their family,

the martyrs- The maimed and the brutally killed

We completely forget – Had it not been for these valiant heroes

A cushy life would be just a far fetched wishful dream!

How very inconsiderate, callous and egoistic

We, the civilians have become!

Circumstances at times make -Vagrants of some of these robust heroes

Or Take to dangerous performances to earn their bread

An extremely pitiable condition some survive in

Is it for this hideous life they sacrificed all theirs?

Don’t we owe them anything better for our safety?

He, who should be the most highly paid

Gets a meagre salary for his sacrifice

He’s not spared from paying taxes too!

Often, on retirement a pauper’s life he lives while

The butter and cream on a golden platter

Is doled out to the undeserving lucky ones

Who not only have a sea of perks

But are exempted from paying taxes too!

 Money is attracted to them so it isn’t their fault

Poor things can’t help it

That’s called being fortunate with Incessant flooding of fortune!

   For generations no one in their family Needs to earn a single penny!

It would be a blessing

If only, what sacrifices such well wishers

Who demand of the populace Practiced what they preached!

Sports people get well rewarded for winning trophies

It’s said they are playing for the Nation!

So pray, may we know what are these Diamonds doing?

Are they staking their life for personal pleasure?

What a weird reasoning!

They jeopardized their life to no avail!

No one deserves rewards more than them-

Including moral and financial support.

True and honest patriots are none other than- The Army, the Navy and the Air Force people-

Along with their family, they are the main artery of a safe and peaceful life

Without their help no country could ever survive!

I salute and bow down to them and their family.

                                                                                ~Anu Bannore

                                                                                   Vadodara, India


  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    We enjoy peace in life!
    It’s because of the ‘diamonds’ you refer to!
    But are we rightly reciprocating it?
    We owe to them everything at our disposal!
    We’ll be failing in our duty if we’re careless about the well-being of our ‘WELL WISHERS’.

  2. we salute our armies and rightly poetically analyzed.. without our braves no country and its public can survive. They are our moral strength, our pride, our security.
    three cheers for them

  3. Thanks Mr Sivagnanam for supporting my view. It’s high time all of us raised our voice as one for our precious gems.