Silence is Surrender

By Mark Antony Rossi

Good is stronger than Evil. This proclamation is not a cute catechism spoken by blind fools. It happens to be the absolute truth under the right conditions. When Good fails to meet those conditions Bad is left standing because Good only applies half of what truly necessary for victory.

Bad plays an eternally weak hand in the big game of life; yet still manages to win because it has a sense of urgency on its side. It’s almost never creative or innovative for those traits belong to people who care. The Bad are bad partly because they are incapable of caring beyond themselves.

Good can see outside its own needs and graduates into a potent force only when melded with a strong policy of action. Evil often triumphs because Good has an elaborate plan but not the wherewithal to complete the important task at hand. This stumble at the heart of lost potential on a universal scale.

A perfect example of Good straying from its full requirements is Good involved in gathering life-saving medicinal supplies and delivering them 1000 miles away at the foot of a bridge. But then suddenly halt all operations for morbid fear of heights. And just across this bridge is a village full of victims stricken by a disease that won’t allow them to leave their dirty cots. Lack of action is all it takes for Bad to win and those villagers to die never knowing help was so close yet too far.

If you cannot or will not confront the rogues in your path your golden heart is not worth an angel’s wings in this world of grey. Kind words and best intentions are no substitute for planned action. Revolt against the bullies and loudmouths and find out how quickly you win the day. The bad among us don’t expect a fight. And from my experience that assumption is usually correct. Silence is surrender. Don’t be fooled. The reason you are not on your knees is you are still holding your hands up.

About the Author: Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics volume “Dark Tech” now available from Amazon. His most recent plays have been produced in Liverpool and New York. 

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