Obeisance to the Nation

By N. V. Subbaraman from Chennai

Mahakavi Bharathiyar, great  patriot, national Poet Subramaniya Bharathi with his sterling songs in Tamil, roused the peoples conscience towards, Motherland, its freedom, Mother Tongue, its greatness,  Woman’s lib, its need and sanctity, social evils, need to eradicate and so on during the short span of 39 years of his life (11-12-1882 to 11 -9   -1921).

He was proud of his Motherland-India that is Bharath- its hoary culture and civilization, achievements of the ancient land and sang in praise that made everyone take pride and serve the nation.

Here is a beautiful poem paying obeisance to his Nation in his original Tamil, its transliteration and translation into English and a comment.


Original in Tamil:

நாட்டு வணக்கம்

எந்தையும் தாயும் மகிழ்ந்து குலாவி

            இருந்ததும் இந்நாடே – அதன்

முந்தையர் ஆயிரம் ஆண்டுகள் வாழ்ந்து

            முடிந்ததும் இந்நாடே – அவர்

சிந்தையில் ஆயிரம் எண்ணம் வளர்ந்து

            சிறந்ததும் இந்நாடே – இதை

வந்தனை கூறி மனத்தில் இருத்திஎன்

            வாயுற வாழ்த்தேனோ? இதை

‘வந்தே மாதரம், வந்தே மாதரம்’

            என்று வணங்கேனோ?       (1)

இன்னுயிர் தந்தெமை ஈன்று வளர்த்து

    ஈந்ததும் இந்நாடே  – எங்கள்

அன்னையர் தோன்றி மழலைகள் கூறி

    அறிந்ததும் இந்நாடே – அவர்

கன்னியராகி நிலவினி லாடிக்

    களித்ததும் இந்நாடே – தங்கள்

பொன்னுடல் இன்புற நீர்விளை யாடி, இல்

    போந்ததும் இந்நாடே – இதை

‘வந்தே மாதரம், வந்தே மாதரம்’

    என்று வணங்கேனோ ?    (2)

மங்கையரா ராயவர் இல்லறம் நன்கு

    வளர்த்ததும் இந்நாடே – அவர்

தங்க மதலைகள் ஈன்றமு தூட்டித்

    தழுவிய திந்நாடே – மக்கள்

துங்கம் உயர்ந்து வளர்கெனக் கோயில்கள்

    சூழ்ந்ததும் இந்நாடே – பின்னர்

அங்கவர் மாய அவருடற் பூந்துகள்

    ஆர்ந்ததும் இந்நாடே – இதை

‘வந்தே மாதரம், வந்தே மாதரம்’

    என்று வணங்கேனோ ?   (3)




Endhaiyum thaayum makizhndhu kulaavi

          Irundhadhum innaadae  – adhan

Mundhaiyar aayiram aaNdugaL  vaazhndhu

          Mudindhadhum innaadae – avar

Aindhaiyil aayiram eNNam vaLarndhu

          Sirandhadhum innaadar – idhai

Vandhanai koori manaththil iruththirn

          Vaayura vaazhththaenoa? Idhai

‘Vandhar maatharam, vandhae maatharam’

          Enru vaNanggae noa?    (1)

Innuyit thandhemai eenru vaLarththu, aruL

          Eendhadhum innaasae – enggaL

Annaiyar thoanri mazhalaigaL koori

          Arindhadhum innaaadae  – avar

Kanniya raagi nilavini laadik

          KaLiththadhum innaadae – thanggaL

Ponnudal inbura neerviLai yaadi, il

          Poandhadhum innaadae – idhai

‘Vandhae maatharam, vandhae maatharam’

          EnruvaNanggae noa?    (2)

Mangaya raayavar illaram nangu

          VaLarththadhum innaadae – avar

Thanga madhalaigaL eenramu thoottith

          Thazhuviya dhinnaadae – makkaL

Thunggam uyaendhu vaLargenak koayilgaL

          Soozhndhadhum innaadae – pinnar

Angavar maayaavarutdar poondhugaL

          Aarndhadhum innaadae – idhai

‘Vandhae maatharam, vandhae maatharam’

          Enru vaNanggae noa ?   (3)


This is our Motherland,Bharath

Which my parents beloved loved and lived

In joyful married life pure.

Our forebears in the ages past

Lived for years thousands, ere they died.

Myriad thoughts they had

To enrich the land and make it grand

Should I not enthrone thee in my heart

With grateful tongue I sing in thy praise

“Salutations to thee! My mother, salutations!”     (1)

This very land gave us life

Living and blessed;

This indeed is the land our Mothers beloved

It fostered them as infants

When they lisped their words as little babes;

It saw them grow into young and tender maids

And play and dance in the full moon light

Their golden limbs gladdened in waters

They swam and bathed in great delight.

Till they returned to the quiet of their homes;

With grateful tongue, I sing in thy praise

“Salutations to thee! My Mother, salutations!”    (2)

At the times right they loved and married

Learnt to manage the homes very great;

They fondled and nurtured their kids beloved

Raised and fostered noble homes;

There were temples all around

That stood aloft to bless the land;

When the noble elders made their exit

Their sacred dust turned lands rich humus.

With grateful tongue, I sing in thy praise

“Salutations to thee! My Mother, Salutations!”    (3)


That indeed is the greatness of our Motherland and Bharathiyar has beautifully expressed his salutations and let us also sing in her praise with these very words. Thanks.


  1. Thupakula ramamurthi

    Obeisance to the nation is a powerful and enthusiastic poem presenting salutations to motherland by Bharatiyar in tamil. The true spirit well brought out by sri n v subbaraman in an elegant manner. The three phases human dignity in parenthood,upbringing of children in a perfect manner and again emerging as worthy citizens are well presented. The magnanimity of mother land is unique. One of the effective points presented by n v s sir is that life span of Bharatiyaar was only 39 years and during that period he exhibited enormous maturity. Very much thankful for presenting worthy poem..

  2. Meesaikarap pulavan was breathing patriotism and that is how he could kindle the feelings of even youngsters. Pity on comparing the contemporari youth wo are only hero worshipping a nd utterly oblivious to the path country is taken. Thank God, Bharathiyar is not here to bear such atrocities.

  3. EFFECTIVE TRANSLATION of an excellent poem of Mahakavi

  4. N V Subbaraman

    Thanks Ramamurthi and Bala for your views.

  5. O K R Sivagnanam

    A lovely poem from Bharathiyar and a nice translation!
    The great poet is remembered well for the patriotism exhibited for his motherland!
    Every word that’s out of his mouth smells love and affection towards his country, known for its culture and civilization!
    He is thankful to the innumerable parents for the nice way followed by them in raising their children appropriately!
    Interesting it’s to learn that Bharathiyar had the heart and soul to enjoy playing of children profusely!
    The nationalist tendencies of Bharathiyar are for all of us to imbibe and practice to make our country a place to live in with all round peace and harmony,setting a nice example for other nations of the world to turn to us and learn!