Is it Undemocratic to Save Your Life

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

What would you do when you’re surrounded by a radicalized, agitated mob lusting for your blood? Would you reason, plead or beg knowing very well that they won’t show any mercy or use your brain to do what you are trained to do? Major. Gogoi was right in his actions and appropriately applauded to tie that stone-pelter to jeep front. Don’t know about others but I think he had the right to protect himself and his colleagues.

A certain percentage of Kashmir population wants the freedom and the money from Indian taxpayers. They want an Islamic State that chops off body parts in Lal chowk and force non believers, their women and families into slavery. When you are trying to both protect and defend yourself against such ingrates, what option do you have? Would you consult the likes of Mani Shanker Aiyar, Arundhati Roy or Owaisi in such life threatening matters, these people will probably sell this country if given the chance, much less support our army.

Hurriyat leaders and their goons had an history of spreading terrorism and violence and not only they have a hand in destabilizing the region and planning attacks on Indian army but also persecuting, robbing and killing Kashmiri Pundits. Innocent men, women and children were murdered or forced to leave their homes and property. Where is justice for them, yet we have taken upon ourselves to rebuild Kashmir and integrate it with the rest of the country but all our sacrifices don’t mean anything to these people.

Major Gogoi thought on his feet, he caught the rabble-rouser and took his men safely out of a precarious and almost certain fatal situation. His fate could have been like Lieutenant Umar Fayaz had he been captured by the mob. We should decorate this soldier for his bravery and quick thinking. Army should not bother about statements of some politician sitting comfortably in New Delhi or Kerala spewing venom against our armed forces. It’s better to use iron fist and keep your head intact rather than loosing it in an effort to win hearts.


  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    We are never for winning the hearts for the wrong reasons;
    When confronted with danger to our very life, retaliation with force may be the right option before us!
    Recourse to silently passing through the rigors of attack is not an intelligent proposition , and better it’s to shun it!

  2. Very true.

  3. To the best of my knowledge self defense is no crime and endangering one’s life for the sake of others is a laudable act of valour and deserves honour instead of being taken to task for the deed!