How  do  I  pursue  the  path  of  truth

When  many  more  around  me

Hold  a  differing  point  of  view

And  warning  eyes  surround  me

I  know  how  they  burnt  Copernicus

Alive,  for  what  he  used  to  think

I  know  how  genius  Socrates  had

Hemlock,  he  was  made to  drink.

Galileo  and  Einstein  had  to  flee

Their  homeland   for  being  right,

Against  those  who  thought  otherwise,

Had  power  to  control  but  no  insight

And  how  can  I  forget  Jesus, who

Was   brutally  nailed  to  the  cross

For  maintaining  the  truthfulness, and

Spreading  peace & love the  world across

Wait !  All   is  not, yet, lost. We  see

Their  truth  prevailed  and  won

Till  now, those  ones  are  remembered

While  the  ignoramuses  are  undone.

The  Sun  sets  and  goes  down, daily

Only  to  rise  again, nascent and potent.

With  love  and peace  within  my  heart

I  would, surely,  attain  enlightenment

                                                                       ~Sudha  Dixit

                                                                          Bangalore, India

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    Heed to your intution, you’re more likely to embrace accuracy!
    Opinions differ- everyone will come out with their own ideas based on their understanding;
    They may be right according to their viewpoint ;
    But truth may seem different!
    Truth is always a bitter pill to swallow;
    But to cure ourselves of the dodging ailment of wrong perception, we’ve to accept what’s true, keeping aside our ego that remains a stumbling block in the process!
    Be nice to your heart, and be friendly with reasonableness, and as a result, you get enlightened, and clear your doubts!