The Unusual Connect

By Monica Bakre

“Vinod Khanna is too perfect…Rajesh Khanna has flaws, so is more natural”, would be my point. My childhood friend and I used to compare the two Khannas- Vinod and Rajesh pretty often. While I rooted for Rajesh Khanna, for his handsome, heart-melting looks, she thought I was way off the mark, not seeing Vinod Khanna’s general fitness

“Vinod Khanna’s cleft chin? Eeeks…”, I’d shudder in mock horror.

“What about that hair style of Rajesh’s? Looks fake…”,would retort my friend.

“Vinod cannot act. Rajesh is wonderful…”, would try I, both of us by now coming down to their first names.

“How many films of Vinod have you seen? You moon over Rajesh coz he’s so emotional…Vinod is the He-man, all muscles…”, would insist my friend.

“Muscles? Eeeks…”would screech I.

“Oh, stop it! You adamant fool…”, she’d really get annoyed.

Friends, do you know that with the passing away of Shri Vinod Khanna yesterday, the conversation recalled above will always and only always remain only in my memory? For, none of the three are in this world anymore.
Vinod…(yes, first names!)
Sarita…my dearest childhood friend whose untimely demise washed away much of my own life…
(And now…”Yes, Sarita, Vinod or Rajesh…I concede that both were the BEST… “)
About the Author: Monica Bakre is a qualified counselor/psychologist, with interest in reading, writing, cooking, music, and pets. She describes herself as an observant, absorbing, thinking, speculating, and sensitive individual.

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