Sukma and Kashmir: The Carnage, the Anger and Path Ahead

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

The anger and resentment that country is feeling towards these cowardly attacks on forces in Sukma and Kashmir is also in a way is anger towards the system that is getting used to these transgressions from our enemies.

No matter what the intelligentsia says but such atrocities against our soldiers should not leave any misgivings about red and Islamic terror. There is nothing to talk, if these extremists wanted to talk they wouldn’t pelt stones when army carries out a search or neutralizing operation or attack a CRPF battalion at lunch time. Can you imagine that these Maoists and jihadists feel threatened by construction of roads in remote regions of Bastar or opening of a school in deep hinterlands of the valley. If progress comes to their region, if education comes in their neighborhood, people would realize the progress country is making and come to understand the futility of fight that has deprived them of even basic rights and amenities. Yet there are those deluded lot who take to streets in the name of Burhan Wani and throw stone at those who are there to protect them.

The other side’s intention is clear but we should reassess our position too, should we continue tolerating the stone pelters, if parents of these seperatists are so concerned about the future of their ward then why allow them to throw stones or if a youth really wants a job then should he spend time looking for a proper job or assaulting an army personnel. These are simply excuses to hide a blatant fact that these rioters are out there to cause and seek trouble. Mehboba Mufti, Omar Abdullah, his father Farook, Mirwaiz and many more are simply terrorist sympathizers and puppets at the hand of militants. They want the package and comfort paid for by our taxpayers but no accountability to restore peace in Jammu and Kashmir. In regards to leftwing extremism too we should not have any doubts about the sugar coated language that is often spewed in their support by professors or intellectuals of some elite education institutions in media circles.

It is time to take decisive action. Russia, China and several other countries took matters in their own hands when it came to dealing with domestic threats. The policy of forbearance will turn this conflict into a war. It’s better if we act now.

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