Month: April 2017



He  was  my  spouse He  gave  me a  pretty  house And  put  me there Shackled  and  bound To  my  chagrin  and  grouse He  tried  to  possess  me Like  an  item  To  be  owned He  tried  to  break  me Like  wild  animal To  be  tamed He  tried  to alter  me As  […]


The Wind

A spirited wind once in a lawn, Breathed life to flurry dawn; Gladly embracing all and sundry, Leaves and flowers cuddling dearly; Moved me back from the lane of memory, The refresh graze made soul lively; Might  have touched the lands unknown, Lonely woods, the river’s flow; Steep hills and […]


Neighbor or Nearby That Is Not the Question

By Mark Antony Rossi I grew up in a city with thriving colorful neighborhoods which included people called neighbors. My animated parents knew everyone on the block and so did I. As I reflect to those simpler days I question if the oversaturation of television has divided people to the […]


I am not Hungry…

By Monica Bakre  The key turned in the main door and it swung open with force. Aniket was in. At seventeen, he was of medium build with a physique that was successfully maintained trim with moderation and discipline. Today was Aniket’s last examination and he had come home in an auto, […]



The disquiet in my heart Raps the door so harshly That my spirit collides Like turbulent waves Rising and falling with undue force The heat of the day Pronounces its dreary laziness That envelopes the heart And churns the feelings  There seems to be no respite In the jostling thoughts […]


मेरा बचपन

क्या क्या बतायें तुमको कि कैसा था  बालपन अपनों  की  भीड़  में  बड़ा  तन्हा  था  बालपन फूलों  के  बीच, तितलियों  के  साथ  दौड़ना माली  से  छुपके  चोरी  से  वो आम  तोडना उन  कहकहों  के साथ जुदाई  का ग़म सहा जब  आँसुओं  के  साथ  पड़ा  शहर  छोड़ना बेफ़िक्र  हवाओं  में  उदासी  […]


Before I Knew…

Before I knew… You had discarded your milk bottle… Climbed out of your crib… Before I knew… You batted and bowled… Sped on football fields… Before I knew… You fiercely debated… And sketched with flourish… Before I knew… You acted in plays… And took to music… Before I knew… You […]


Advice Givers Beware

By Mark Antony Rossi People usually shy away from giving advice because they get tired of folks showing little regard for the time spent or the knowledge freely dispensed. I’m no different. I honestly go out of way to not give advice. It just doesn’t seem worth the effort these […]