Month: April 2017


Lone Wanderer

Inside We  all  are Lonely, Wandering In  a  jungle Of  desires Only, Like  an  antelope Being  hounded  by The  predators Of  denial Wrongly Yet, We  have Dreams With  rainbow At  the End  of  which A  pot  of  gold Gleams Urging  us To  keep  moving Strongly Brushing  off The  cobwebs Of  […]


Talking ‘Bout A Small Planet For The Free’

Come gather ‘round me people and a story I will tell about a small planet all of you know well. This planet is called earth and there we come to birth. The earth since long is rollin’ through endless time and space. She could be a pretty planet for the […]


Lavender Dew

By Monica Bakre “I was very particular about the garden. When my husband, Shankar and I built this house, he had specifications about the tiles, fittings etc but I just had one -‘The garden should be huge and beautiful.’ And he did heed my words- employed the best architect to […]


Who is that Guy?

By Maya And the music played as we took the winding road between the quiet lakes and approached the bend near the Church. Paivi on the wheels and we both listening to the Finnish FM. The RJ went on, “Kaharikson… enjoy…. … …. …. summer… … … …. …. reventulli…… weather… […]


Tribal Songs

Dancing barefoot, The tribals of Odisha Sing their woes away, These songs rise, Turn into clouds of woes To return as teardrops On their own faces, Parched to the bones. The gorging rivers of tears Flow through the deep And narrow valleys To hit the coastal plains As floods of […]


Getting Justice for Jadhav

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal How would you negotiate for freedom of your citizen who is abducted by a state which has no evidence of espionage or any credible case to prosecute him? Kulbhushan Jadhav’s death sentence by Pakistan’s military court shows the disregard towards the human rights or Geneva […]