Our Elders

Steal some time for the elders;
From the busy wrist watch’s borders;
Fetch the time whenever fit;
To avoid them feel a tattered coat upon a stick…!!

They’re the wines which get costlier by time;
They’re the trees under which shadow; one finds relief;
Though they look thin and pale;
They are the engine of our rail…!!

As bud sproutes before a flower;
As minute comes before an hour
Remain ahead will always they;
We will leg behind forever…!!

                               ~Manish Verma

                              Jaipur, India


  1. its nice ..I liked it :) created magic from words. :)

  2. I liked it
    …created magic from words

  3. Manish you are wonderful.

  4. Awesome

  5. Thanks Asif bhai…:)

  6. Well done Manish. :) your words are doing magic as we classmates used to say but you never believed. its nice to see your writing here.

  7. Thank u Sonali…:)

  8. Thank you Sonali…