The Life of Our Life

Scary darkness has obliterated—

The brightness of our life-

The life of our life-

Lies feebly, frail and weak

Gazing blankly in the air

Hallucinating and terrified to the core

While flashing visions parade

Before her vacant eyes

Pale and alarmed she is for-

Nothing can drive away the appalling apparitions

 Ruthlessly grabbing her mind and body

 Hovering over her like infinite ghosts

Trapped she is within herself

With no chances of escape, she thinks!

Shaking like a leaf

She yells out in a trembling hoarse voice

For others to run away

Lest they too become the ill fated victims

Of the unseen brutal force!

She will hold the fort, faintly she mumbles

They could pounce and kill her

She was ready to forfeit herself

For her brood’s safety

Tears ran down their cheeks

While helplessly they stood holding her fragile hands

Trying to comfort and assure her

‘She was safe–no one was there’

But with firm determination she insisted

To be left alone and let the demons

Grit her away to feast on

A mother alone can be so altruistically courageous

[Even in times of great pain and sufferings]

A shield between danger and her family

A Lord Protector she is!

                                                             ~Anuradha S. Bannore

                                                               Vadodara, India

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