The Human Hologram

Your head is arched, wavy lines and outward forces

I stand here,


the fissures on your lips, the circles around that eye

callous boundaries of

twin buzzing hands

I can hear it emanate

like an infant’s lost message

‘ the dormant conscience ‘

Falsely floating, an appendage to your scarce skins

( regression, backward steps )

Consolidated points of compassion squirm

encrypted now

reverberating beneath my fingertips

I trace your contours, dear human

your hologram is stirring

your hologram is stirring

You cannot perceive all the dimensions that you encompass

You wander on these desolate planes

tracing a circular trajectory

sans love, sans compassion,

humanity buried in you, algae rimmed wells

Let me infuse some oxygen into those creaking cheekbones

Drop a joyous sin on your cheek

Let me draw in strings

your soul from your matter, your foliage, your bleed

                                                            ~Aakriti Kuntal

                                                              Bengaluru, India

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  1. Simply superb!!!!