Little nightingales

Celebrating the beauty of night

Under the blue sky,

Decorated with

Myriads of twinkling stars,

At night;

And the skylarks with fluttering wings

In the high welkin,

praising the dawn,

With a virgin’s blush

In the east ,

When crimson rays of the sun

Falls upon the droplets of dew,

Sing their musical notes

To remove the hardships of hustle and bustle

In our journey

To the palace

Where we have been sent from

To be a part of

Ultimate’s everlasting creation.

Sportive bleating lambs;

Blooming blossoms beautiful

In a number of hues;

Babbling waterfalls;

And singing rivers

Strengthen my innocent soul

That has a goal

To be accomplished,

Allotted by Supreme Soul

That waits for my coming.

                                                        ~Alok Mishra

                                                       Fatehpur, India

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