Assumption: ‘Rape’

Neither penectomy

nor chemical castrations

are the solutions for its abuse.

Oh, dirty minds,

don’t misuse that organ

of Love and Life

for libido.

It’s one of the boons,

to sustain the life and the fire

of the ruling race

on this planet,

than to use it

as a deadly venom

releasing viper,

on the flesh

of the innocents.

Never heard

of a country ape

who committed

an ancient evolutionary rape,

a penetrating eye rape

or a millimeter rape.

But, inhuman-mind

inherited madness


like coco-nuts
and vanity-pulsars

in Gods’ and bhakts’

and oxygen’s own lands.

Alas, the earth has always

good and evil,

wanted and unwanted,

harmless and harmful,

things and beings.

on which or of them

even God, Bhagwan* or elements,

and their disciplined disciples

have no controlling authority at times.

It’s the law of life that

the culprits ought to be punished

either by the Nature,

or by the rule of fair Law;

that too,

when those evildoers are alive,

and that should be an incessant lesson,

nailed on the forehead

of the society itself,

because, no one is born

as a tormentor or a criminal

or a Trump or a rapist of the Earth.

Let the thunder of willful justice,


love, humanism and altruism,

crack the eggs of predatory thoughts

from the mindsets

of the belligerents

and the lewd monsters.

Oh, Troglodytes,

at least learn to live

within the breaths of your own steps,


discover the mental purification

through pacific-fire thinking that

every life is valuable;

yours and theirs;

then feel,

before you feel to devour

the flesh, the apples, the toils

the nature and the breaths of others;


the temptations for that fleeting

but diabolic delight.

Oh, dirty minds,

never misuse your mind or desire

or that organ

of Love and Life

for libido !

                                                             ~Joseph Clement

                                                              Kerala, India

( Bhagvan* ( ” In the word भगवान ( Bhagavan ) – ‘भ’ stands for Bhoomi or Earth // ‘ग’ stands for Gagan or Space // ‘व’ stands for Vayu or Air // ‘आ’ stands for Agni or Fire // ‘न’ stands for Neer or Water ” )

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