Thinking for Yourself

By Mark Antony Rossi

Thinking for yourself is more than a prerogative it is a primary color in the tapestry of freedom. However; for decades, the intelligent public have curtailed common sense for fear of ridicule due to political correctness. The unintended consequence for our economy and national standing was electing politicians whom refused to learn or lead. Oratory prowess is not a substitute for practical solutions or pragmatic compromise. Thinking for yourself especially in a visionless vacuum increases in importance considering democratic liberties under assault by rabid terrorists and vapid artists.

I mention this vital fact because frequently the American media and Hollywood celebrities desperately want to think for us. Because they don’t trust the average citizen. And in a functional Democracy if you don’t trust the average citizen it means you are afraid of Freedom. Freedom has a strange way of exposing silly arguments, false beliefs and plain stubborn prejudices.

Take for example the recent ignorant outburst during the Golden Globes Awards. That movie star’s personal wealth nearly exceeds the combined income of the 14,000 voters whom helped Trump clinch the electoral college and win the U.S. Presidency. Yet somehow, she understands the closures of factories that have devastated communities because she “acted” in a movie about worker’s rights?

I’m sorry folks but when millionaires begin complaining about billionaires there are no conversations about the legitimate concerns of regular people worried about mortgages, college tuitions and their hard-earned tax dollars used in destinations often dubious or unexplained. Where is that examination? Where is that explanation? Whom is honestly working to help the common citizen?

Political fortunes have changed in America simply for one reason: the invisibility of the middle class. In fact, I emailed the Pentagon to determine what made the middle class invisible and apply that technique to its weapons arsenal. Until that glorious day I must remind you only one person campaigned for that invisible group of people and they rewarded him a chance to bring back jobs and restore a greater sense of national pride.

Nothing very complicated transpired. Unless you were a member of the confused lot who were expecting a coronation instead of an inauguration. They were blind to citizens tired of protests about policies they never would have agreed to save for guilt. They ignored police being killed and were fine when blaming them for their own murders. They praised government but rarely held failed officials accountable because holding people accountable was deemed racist, judgmental or bad manners.

Society cannot adequately function fairly if the people whom pay for everything have no say in how those funds are spent. This has been the fundamental reality repeatedly splashing the faces of voters once cowering in slumber. They are now awake and finally thinking for themselves. It’s about time.

About the Author: Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics volume “Dark Tech” now available from Amazon. His most recent plays have been produced in Liverpool and New York. 

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