The New Year Menace

The year did not begin as vibrant as before

Too many trials laid pitfalls for many

No girl spared… the insults hurled

The loafers of the country

Carved their way

 Armed with alcohol, knives and dirt filled minds

Blinded with sexual fervor

Erratically let loose libido

As if, they had no sisters at home

To safeguard and adore

Why do young boys and the middle aged and old

(Age here has no definite role to play)

Molestation is common … no age bar

Why … is there no severe punishment for these culprits?

Why is law so lenient towards these rapists and molesters?

Why do they not thrash them severely at the crossroads?

To frighten the life out of others

Cases linger on… trials are delayed

Loopholes in law, lets them go scot-free

Such criminals should rot in the darkest cells

Where even a ray of light is denied

These reptiles of humanity

Deserve no sympathy

Why is justice… denied to a girl?


Her suffering family

                                             ~Shobha Diwakar

                                              Jabalpur, India

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