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Press Release

Alpharetta, Georgia-January 18, 2017: Georgia Thrombosis Forum (GTF) marches to the city of Loganville and is awarded a proclamation of thrombosis awareness.

GTF, leading an effort to spread the awareness of thrombosis, network with various groups involved in thrombosis, today announced that it was awarded proclamation of thrombosis by the city of Loganville, GA

Mr. Mahesh Athalye, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Georgia Thrombosis Forum, announces the proclamation awarded to Aryana Gavankar (11th grader at Alpharetta High School) and Anjali Bhave (8th grader at Riverwatch Middle School) on January 12, 2017. This was a proclamation of thrombosis awareness month by Honorable mayor, Mr. Dan Curry, of Loganville, GA.

Mr. Dan Curry, along with the members of the city council, praised and encouraged the work of young volunteers of GTF in achieving their noble mission.

Aryana, the youth leader of the proclamation project, went to the city of Loganville with a few members of GTF and delivered a brief introduction about the mission of GTF, as well as the achievements of GTF in the past and future plans to spread awareness.

A proud Anjali remarked, “Similar to other cities in GA, we would be using the Proclamation of Loganville as a platform to not only help with awareness of thrombosis but make a positive impact on the population.”

Aryana was so enthusiastic at getting the proclamation that she remarked to a group of about 40 attendees in the city meeting, “We have conducted interviews and set up booths in other communities within Georgia to spread awareness of thrombosis. With the help of the proclamation given to us, we hope to expand on what we have accomplished and raise awareness of thrombosis within the city of Loganville.”

“GTF has plans to work hard to save the precious lives of the citizens of Loganville by bringing newer projects and working closely within the community,” concluded Mr. Mahesh Athalye.

About Georgia Thrombosis Forum (

GTF is an affiliate of North American Thrombosis Forum (NATF, The mission of GTF is to spread the awareness of thrombosis, network with various groups involved in thrombosis, train young volunteers for writing, presenting, and gaining knowledge of thrombosis, arrange publications in various media involving our efforts in the community, and allow the youth volunteers to organize, plan, and handle all the activities.

For details, contact Mr. Mahesh Athalye: [email protected]



  1. This is an amazing achievement for the members of GTF. Through the efforts of Aryana and Anjali, the lives of the citizens of Loganville could be saved. I admire the high school kids who do so much for the community.

  2. Aryana and Anjali have set a new example of how high schoolers can achieve so much for the community. We need more such efforts from our young members. Good job Aryana and Anjali!

  3. I am impressed with the Press Release. Great efforts, GTF!