Month: January 2017


India: Post Script

By Ananya Guha How can technology change a country instantly when over 50% of the country, if not more do not have access to the internet? How can we have smart cities when roads are undeveloped and months are spent digging them, and the coffers of contractors being filled copiously? […]


Burning Bridges

You hurt me, You betray, Only in memory You stay, Oh, free me From this bondage And go away I don’t want To glance back At the past, I want to Look forward To another day Where my dreams And my future lay I’ll follow My fantasy My heart’s sway […]


The Dangers of Quiet Frustration

By Mark Antony Rossi I don’t have to be a doctor to realize anger gets a bad reputation in modern society. We attribute so many extreme actions to anger such as spousal abuse, property destruction even acts of terrorism. But these erratic incidents do not accurately belong in the anger/management […]


Jharkhand the Kenya of India

By Pitambar Naik Sports occupy a very low-key position in India. Sports and athletics are crucial parameters of a country to focus on. It doesn’t just make us physically vigorous and energetic; rather it opens us a new door to the national and international arena. A sport can be our national glory […]