Letter To Prime Minister

You have promised

That by by fifty days


In wake of demonetisation

But now money does not matter

As only those pick heads

Are desperately trying to

Prove innocence

And ATM machines

Have struck work

Poor in villages

Have no work no money

Are given tutorials to understand

Meaning of demonetisation

I am also not sure

Because the economics I learnt

In college spoke only of consumption


And now those laws do not work

As there is no money for consumption

All are black.

                                                                      ~Ananya S Guha

                                                                         Shillong, India


One Comment

  1. A nice poem!

    Politicians known for
    Generous promises
    Not serious enough
    To honor them!

    Demonetization option
    Not viable for sure
    To root out black money
    Allowed to grow unimagined!

    Iron will of the existing
    Law-enforcement machinery
    Would have been sufficient
    To bring the offenders in the open!

    The process on the contrary
    Put the common man in distress
    Driving him to the streets
    To have his money for his needs!

    Does he come back
    With the money he needs?
    An emphatic NO!
    Is he not cheated?